Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthday for mom

Mamma Nora,
Happy 59th birthday Mamma. How does one even begin to explain the most wonderful person??? Are words really enough? Can they make others see the gifts of herself that she has given? Can they make people feel the love that she has shared? Can they make people understand the depth of her service? Mom your life has been a true legacy of love, kindness, service, and friendship. You were ment to be my mother, I have no doubt in my mind of that. I still can't believe how you made it through all of us 5 girls, and with so much grace. Every night I couldn't sleep you were there to let me stay up and talk to you. Every little break up you were there to tell me how prized I was. Every mess up on stage you were there to tell me that no one is perfect. Every performance you were there to say a prayer for me. Every bad test you were there to help me study harder for the next one. Every overwhelming day you were there to take me out to lunch at taco bell. Every doubt you were there to remind me of myself. Every day after school you were there sitting at the kitchen table, I couldn't wait to talk to you. Every day I was sad you were there to be so kind to me. Every lost hope you were there to find it for me. I know I could never fully understand the sacrafices you have made just to BE THERE, and perhapse at the time I didn't understand the magnitude and importance of you being there. But I look back on my childhood and I am so thankful that the strongest memory is watching my mom baking in her white kitchen wearing a pink blous that even an apron couldn't keep clean, and spots of flouer on her pretty cheeks. Happy Birthday Mamma. More than words.


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