Monday, November 17, 2008

What I'm Thankful for Today

Well...It's Monday and I am sitting on my couch with Ashypoo after a long good hard day and I am thankful for...
1. My nice big comfy couches.

2. My Ring fingers...I was born with short and slightly crooked fingers, well okay...maybe a little more than slightly. Really just ask my family. Any who all except for my two ring fingers. They are straight and thin...and I like my nails on those two fingers too.

3. Slipping right into sleep the minute your head hits the pillow. For me this really doesn't happen often, so when it does I really appreciate it.

4. Salad. You know those day's when you can't decide on what to make for dinner...or just don't know what you feel like? For me this happens often. In these moments for some reason I can always do a salad:)

5. My husbands hands. Well for one, they are hot!!! But also he has the most steady hands...they are never shaky but rather very sure. What a contrast from my little fingers that tend to trip over themselves on a daily basis:)

Well there it is...a couple of my many Monday thankfuls...What are yours?


Jackie Norris said...

I'm impressed with all of your grateful thoughts! And, that post you wrote about men and women...beautiful.

Brittney said...

Love your grateful list, it really gets ya in the mood for the season! And I too love salads, aren't they great to throw together!

We aren't in Logan anymore, Micah got a job in SLC so we are here now, it's been good but different. i miss everyone though. Sometimes I feel like I am in a different state.

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