Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thankful Tuesday and Wednesday

On Wednesday I am thankful for:

1. Skirts...I am one of those weird girls who likes to get my hands dirty fishing, hiking, biking, etc, but also love to slip my legs into a cute tailored skirt.

2.The benefits that come from hard hard hard work:)

3. People that you can vent with:) You know who you are!!!

4.New ideas...They are just so refreshing.

5.Patient people...people who are nice, calm, and gentle despite their frustrations make me smile.

On Tuesday I am thankful for:

1. The Gym... Call me crazy, but I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE the gym. It is my me time, my time to run, my time to sweat, my time to get out all of my tension, my time to get out all of my OCD, my time to move, my time to stretch, my time to build, my time to help me be a better person for others:)

2.Cute elderly people.

3. Going to the grocery store with Ashton late at night...we always have so much fun...I love that man.

4. Getting excited for things. I have always allowed myself to get really excited for things to come, it just makes life more colorful and....exciting. For instance; standing in line for splash mountain, back stage before a singing/dancing performance, getting ready in the dressing room just before marrying my wonderful husband, waiting in line for graduation, waiting for the TWILIGHT BOOKS, and now waiting for Saturday when I get to see the new TWILIGHT MOVIE with Ashton:) Yeah...I know...I'm pathetic and I don't even care. Life is good.

5.Fat Free No Sugar Added Ice Cream...I love this stuff, and because it's not filled with a bunch of fat and sugar I don't want to eat a ton of it...a serving is always just perfect:)

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