Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

So this last weekend, Memorial weekend, was awesome!!!
Saturday, was another book club meeting at the Blue Bird Cafe in Logan. Amazing turnout, I think their were 8 of us. It was so fun, we spent 1 and a half hours digging into our last book, Goose Girl, by Shannon Hale. After that, we got to see the new house that Lauren and Skyler Giles where moving into... so cute. I am jealous that they are already in a house:( but very happy for them too. The rest of Saturday day Ashton and I got to hang out with Cori and Craig and their cute babies. Craig brought up his cool motorcycle and let Ashton ride it around the block a couple of times. He looked so cute on it, even though he was a little nervous. It was his first time ever really driving one (Ashton you are a babe). Later that night the family went to pizza, and then Lauren, Skyler, Cori, Craig, Ashton and I all pulled a late night. Starting with Prince Caspian (kind of a disappointment) and then the Village Inn for a late night treat. I think we all left for home around 1 AM. I felt like a teenager again, it was a blast!
Sunday morning, I got to sing in my parents ward, which was really fun for me, most of the family came to listen, thanks guys. After church the whole lot of us went for a hike behind mom and dad's house. We hiked for two hours strait up and strait down. I really thought my ankles were going to break on the way down because they kept giving out causing me to come crashing down. Cori and I held hands and weathered the storm together, falling every couple of seconds until our husbands took over. I didn't fall again after Ashton took my hand, thanks Ashton for being the mountain man gentleman that you are. Wow it was so breathtaking at the top, I sometimes forget how beautiful Logan is, and how lucky I am to live here. After the hike we had dinner and just hung out together which brought back memories of the good old days with my family. Cori, Craig and their babies left later that evening and so Ashton and I met up with our friends and spent the rest of Sunday enjoying various nature walks around Cache Valley. By the end of the night I was ready for bed.
Monday, Memorial day, I woke up at four in the morning and started reading the Host, yeah I know, I am pathetic. Ashton came down the stairs at 6 ish looking really tired and confused and I really couldn't explain myself but to say "I am feeding my obsession." He smiled and shook his head, this hasn't been the first time I have done this, nor will it be the last, oh well. Any ways, Ashton was out the door by six am to go fishing with his friend Matt for a couple of hours, which gave me enough time to; sweep and mop the floors, vacuum, clean my room, hem my jeans, decorate the table for a memorial breakfast at our house, and get showered and ready just as they got back at 9am. Matt and Courtney, our good friends, spent the day with us. We started with Waffles and eggs at our house, then went to Brigham to a memorial service. Turns out the weather decided to be violently windy, rainy and cold. They had to cut the program short, but we still got to release our balloons together. After that we hit up a pond out in Corinne, Courtney and I fished for a couple of minutes and then read our books for the next hour, which was really nice and relaxing being able to read out in nature. It really made it feel like a vacation. Ashton and Matt fished until all of our bladders were about to burst, and then we all went to a cute and historic restaurant in Brigham City called, Idle Isle. After dinner we found a spot on the Bear River where Ashton and Matt could fish and Courtney and I could go for a walk. The weather held out for about and hour or two until it couldn't hold it's moisture any longer. That was our cue to head home. The end of the night was spent eating cake and ice cream for Nicks b-day, sorry the weather was so bad for your birthday Nick. We were in bed by 11. Wow what a weekend.


Brittney & Micah said...

Meg- sounds like you had so much fun! You have got to let me know how you like that book you are reading. I am interested in seeing if it is as good as her others.

Marisa said...

We went to Idle Isle last month! I really liked it!

Chris & Jen said...

sounds like such a fun weekend! that's awesome! how do you like the host? i am just over half way, and it is pretty good. i love her writing.

Bobby and Amanda said...

I totally understand the obsession, my husband makes me leave the room though, the light bugs him. I read the host and loved it, hope you enjoy it!

Cori said...

Hey you left off the Pam Tillis! That was the best part!

Arah said...

Hey Meg-
I am responding to the comment you left me... I know how you felt about Mother's day. I remember dealing with Mother's day after having 4 misscariages and thinking I would never become a mom. You will have milestones. Even now, I realize that I would have had a 7 1/2 year old.
Those feelings won't leave you, but these experiences make you who you are. I think with all the things i have been through, I appreciate being a mom now, because I wasn't sure if i would get the chance.
Your time will come and you will appreciate all the things that come with pregnancy, because you finally got to experience it.
Love you Meghan! If you ever want to chat, you can email me at kunzfamily at hotmail dot com. I am always up for a good chat.

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