Monday, March 31, 2008

I Am Craving Tulips

This last weekend Ashton and I spent Saturday at the recking yard trying to find a new outside door handle for his car (I swear we are not hill billies). It is just so much cheaper to go to a recking yard and find parts for your car then by them from the manufacturer. A new door handle from the manufacturer costs anywhere from $45 to $55 dollars before shipping. That same handle from the recking yard, 5 bucks. What a steal. Any who, then we went back to his dad's garage where his half way restored Chevelle sits waiting to be finished. We took a couple of minutes to assess what it would take to finish it this summer, and I think we are going to try and finish it this summer. We call it our Sunday Drive Car, well I guess Soon To Be Sunday Drive Car is better considering the engine is in pieces right now. Sunday night we stayed up till twelve so Ashton could sign up for his summer classes, he decided to go straight through so he can finish with his Spanish minor. He is such a smarty pants. This morning Ashton and I woke up in a good mood, despite the lack of sleep, until we looked out our bedroom window to find our cars covered with snow. It's March 31st, I should be seeing tulips by now!!! I guess my morning wasn't too bad though. When I went out to my car to drive to work, Ashton had cleaned off all the snow and turned the engine on so the car would be nice and toasty for me. I almost always forget to turn my car on ahead of time which leaves me having to drive to work in a freezing car, so I was very grateful for his thoughtfulness. Thanks hunny.

Moving on from the weather. For my senior year of college I have been the President of the Associated Students of Family Consumer Human Development and have been spending the entire semester putting together a Seminar for ALL of the FCHD students at USU. It has been really fun! A lot of planning, coordinating, teacher persuading, and well...just plane old work. Every now and then, out of no where, I will sit up from whatever I am doing and kind of have a freak out moment, thinking I forgot to do or tell someone something and then I remember I already took care of it and allow myself to start breathing again. Why do I always have to freak out? The closer I get to the Seminar the more of these, well, little moments well call them, I tend to have. Maybe that is because the Seminar is next week on Tuesday. I just hope it goes well, people come, the presenters do well, I do well, and the professors at the University are pleased. I will just have to wait and see. But until then, I will just have to keep dealing with my little moments, and wait for the tulips to rise.


Nora Lee said...

Surprise! Surprise! Your mom finally figured out how to do this, thanks to Cori. Meg I didn't even know that your were doing this seminar. I know it will be great! I'm craving tulips too and just the color green. Hopefully we will have a beautiful green spring and summer.

julie said...

this is awesome! i love chevelles! my favorite old car... you guys are cute.

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