Monday, October 17, 2011

Buffet Table Makeover

Okay... I about wanted to cry when I realized that I accidentally deleted the before pictures for this project, because I have completely overhauled this buffet table. Seriously... both pull out drawers were broken, one cupboard door was split in half, the other was so warped that it would not close properly, and the back of the buffet was coming off all together.  I hope that creates a least a partial picture in your mind of what I had to work with. 

The remake started with removing all the hardware, doors, and drawers and getting the piece structurally sound again.  Once I got on to the cupboard doors I quickly realized that they would need to be remade all together, with the condition they were in they were irreparable(this was a big project). Remaking the doors required the use of a table saw, a router, a jig saw, a sander, and that pretty design you see on them, I did by hand with a dremel-took forever!!!!  I also decided the drawers would need to be reconstructed as well, so I ripped off the face trashed the inside and got cutting with some MDF.  I put the drawers together with a biscuit joiner to get the extra clearance on the sides to add in some metal sliders.  I hate it when drawers don't have inside hardware because every time you slide them open they lean forward and even sometimes fall out completely. I didn't want to play that balancing game so rollers were purchased and installed. For color I decided to stain the top, paint the bottom and then glaze the whole thing once the stain and paint were dry.  After that set, I put the hardware back on and made some last little adjustments.  What do you think? I love how it turned out.  Definitely not perfect, but I love the character it brings to the room.

Do you like some of my other additions? 
 (lamp was thrifted-shade made by me-letters made by me-picture thrifted and frame redone by me-little glass bowel thrifted just added some paint on the bottom side)


Anonymous said...

WOW- That is a beautiful piece of furniture! I'm sorry you deleted your before pics. That is so frustrating isn't it?

Tiffani said...

I like it! Sounds like you put a lot of work into it.

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