Thursday, September 22, 2011

Project Plateau

Hello blogging world! Oh how I have missed you so. My life has just not been the same without my special moments snuggled up on the couch with laptop in had perfectly nestled on a pillow to keep things nice and comfy as I pour over my key board searching and sharing fun and creative projects. To put it frankly guys... I am seriously STUCK. I have, no joke, 6 projects that I have come to a complete stand still on, and it is driving me crazy.  Have I grown an indecisive bone or something? What is my deal? I want so desperately to show you guys some of these new and fun makeovers, but the obsessive traits in me will just not allow and unfinished project to find its way on the web. So please bear with me. I am determined to push through this plateau.  Hopefully I will have a something for you in the A.M.


ps  Here is a quick overview of what I have been working on that will be coming to you SOON:
New Dress, 
New Skirt ,
New Pillow,
Two Lamps,
Two Lamp Shades ,
and lastly.... my very first quilt.


Michelle B. said...

Just listened to some of your clips on you tube and loved it. What a beautiful God given talent you have. Do you have any recorded cd's?

bautizador said...
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Forever Young said...

Thank you Michelle. I am working on some new material and hope to them out on youtube. So far I just have a demo CD. Hoping to find the right person to move forward with it.

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