Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Purple perfection...

...I mean perfections as in comfy, fitted just right, and stripped. Yes, after a good/busy day, and after the babes was in bed for the night, I sat down at my sewing machine, yet again, and put this little comfy number together.  The material is really light weight(great for summer, but also cute with layers), has white and purple stripes and was only a buck.  I love projects like these. You know the ones that just kind of come together on their own. It's as if I had no part in creating or making.  I was just a humble bystander watching it all happen.  Okay, enough about that, here is the shirt. Oh, and PLEASE don't mind my gym shorts and sports bra... I am hardly ever able to work out in the A.M. so I usually have to do it later in the day or at night.
 With front tuck
 With no front tuck

And on another note... I found this the other day and absolutely LOVE it.  I want to blow it up on something really big and cute and keep it my kitchen. Ideas????
Really would like some ideas for those that want to share:)

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Marisa said...

Seriously Meghan, your clothes are adorable and you are for sure going to be the best dressed at the reunion next week! Ugh I seriously wish you lived closer so you could help me fix a few of my own projects!

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