Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fireworks and a white rose.

Well we had a great fourth of July weekend. Friday was a blissful and calm day with work, a nice run, and the Fireworks show in Logan. Saturday proved to be very busy but fun, a morning workout, the farmers market, run to the store, a family BBQ, the Cruisin', and a midnight movie (Transformers-very cool). To wrap it all up, we finished off Monday with another fireworks show.  How was your weekend?

 Ashton loves this stuff.
 Apparently so does Bella
 This is so Ashton... comparing the ingredients of an old bug spray to a new one.
 Bella has been absolutely obsessed with her daddy. It is actually pretty cute. she follows him around the house like a little puppy dog.

Okay... on to the next subject.  I went through some of my shirts again and found an old night shirt that I haven't worn in eons. It was a long shirt that came to my mid thigh.  So here's what I did to it; I gathered the front right at the chest, cut off the bottom and gathered that material to make a flower, I cut the sleeves off to my elbows, and finished it off by adding some stretch string to the sides of the sleeve.
I had already gathered the front when I realized that I forgot to take a before picture of the shirt. So just imagine the shirt without the gather, and that is what I started with.
 The finished product.

Hope you enjoyed. Tomorrow I will be revealing yet another fun shirt:)

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