Friday, May 6, 2011

Perfectly Plum Tunic

Okay... so technically it is still Friday, even if it is late.  As promised... the plum tunic. Surprisingly enough the top portion and sleeves were the easiest part... I am not yet one hundred percent sure on the bottom.  I gathered the sides but I think I brought the gather a little higher than I would like, but that's a quick fix.  I have decided to sit on it for a day first and give it some thought.  Overall this little number is really comfy and I think the gather work on the front and collar turned out pretty good.

 Some of the gather work
The side gather at the bottom.

 On another note, the tulips that I planted last fall and have been waiting for very patiently, decided to show some color today. Aren't they beautiful!!!

Is there anything better than Tulips, especially when you have planted them in the dirt with your own two hands?  Tulips are after all my fav flower.

1 comment:

Little Lovables said...

you are an amazing seamstress!! I so badly want to learn to sew, but sewing machines scare me

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