Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to GLAM up plastic eggs for almost nothing.

Okay, so this idea was born from another project, but I thought the idea was so cute, easy, and fast that I would share it with everyone. The best part of this project is that it cost almost nothing, really, almost nothing.  For all you people out there, like me, who can't afford to spend buco bucks on holiday decor this is for you.

I'm pretty sure that almost everyone has the old plastic eggs hangin around that look like this
 All you need to glam up these eggs is Metalic Sterling Silver acrylic paint, you can get it at any craft store or Walmart for a $1, and a paint brush. You can tell my brush is well used and I picked a nice thick brush for this project because I wanted it to leave stroke marks.
Next step lightly coat the eggs let them dry and Vuala...
Plain eggs are now Glam eggs:):):)
Hope you enjoyed this one:)  Happy Easter all.


(Floral #3 from Project 3 is almost DONE!!! Whoot, whoot)


Morgan said...

This is so fun! I love it!!

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Marisa said...

I always read your blog Megs! I hardly ever comment because I am usually reading while nursing, but I LOVE seeing all the stuff you make! You are so creative. I seriously wish I lived close to you so I could design stuff and pay you to make it for me.

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