Monday, April 18, 2011

Hey out there...

Wow, today has been a complete whirlwind of a day. Seriously, girl hormone fiasco. What is my deal??? This question kept spinning in my mind till it finally dawned on me.  Last week, Clifford, the big red dog(aka menstrual cycle) decided to come and visit me.  I am still breastfeeding but I guess my body decided that it didn't care and I was getting back on a cycle.  What??? I haven't had to deal with the hormonal "Crazies," as my husband and I call them (let's face it, we do get a little crazy sometimes and I would much rather have a sense of humor about it), for a year and five months.  I was completely caught off guard and didn't realize how lovely it was not being on the emotional roller coaster that is the feminine hormonal cycle. BLAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......  I needed running today. So I left the house, meet up with my friend the treadmill at the gym, and sweat out all the "crazy" in me for 5 miles.  I came back a completely different person.  Oh running, how I love thee.  Speaking of running I did a guest post regarding Why I Run here at Scrap and Run. Thanks Colleen for letting me share my story:) Go and check it out:)

Oh, and if any of you had a day like this:

I hope tomorrow is less of that and a little more of this:
 Ta ta,


PS: I am revealing floral #3 tomorrow:):):) Come back and see!!!


Robert said...

Must admit, happily, to no personal experience with TOM (Time Of the Month) except living thru it with female friends but please keep posting. ok? Stumbled across your blog quite awhile ago and it sure beats reading real estate contracts--and you are most certainly easy on the eyes (mean that in the nicest way possible, Ma'am).

Colleen said...

Thanks for writing it. Funny how sometimes we just need running.

I never realized your menstrual cycle stops while breast feeding too. I thought it was just during pregnancy. Shows that I know.

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