Thursday, March 31, 2011

Project 3: Floral #1

Floral #1 is here from the Project 3.  I hope you enjoy it. It was a challenging but fun experience making it.  Here is the low down. A huge roll of this material was thrifted for only $4 buckaroos.  Seriously, the roll had like 5 yards by 2 yards:) Score!!!!! I pleated out the chest, tummy, back, and shoulders, I really wanted the shirt to have a nice form fitting look (not tight, just form fitting).  I decided to use a tie collar instead of the traditional collar (just switching it up a bit). I thought the thick hems would contrast nicely with the delicate sleeves and floral patter. Lastly, I made the button holes really close together to ward off any side view peep shows, ha ha... if you know what I mean. No really, how many button shirts do you own that like to pop open right at the chest-not cool. And I don't know about you, but sometimes I really don't want to wear a layer under my shirt (being a mommy= being hot all the time). 
Enjoy the photos

 This is how I am going to wear it tomorrow:):):)
Do you like???? Hmmmm???/


p.s. Don't forget to comeback and check out #2 and #3 from Project 3. They will be coming your way soon:)


Anonymous said...

Darling Meg! Keep'em coming.

Emily said...

Do I like it?? I LOVE it! I could possibly say this one is my favorite, but it's hard to decide, I love all the things you've made.

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