Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A potentially bad day gone GOOD!!!

I woke up with a pit in my stomach this morning. Major anxiety for the workday ahead. I had taken a vacation day on Friday and gone up to the cabin all weekend were I had no cell phone reception most of the time. I had a mound of work on my desk calling my name at 5 in the morning. I pushed it off till 7 until I had to get up. Got up and ready for the day. Kissed Ashton and was out the door. Key in the ignition, turn, and nothing..... My car wouldn't start. Lovely. My husband drove me to work and got started on fixing the endless project which is my car. I love that he can fix anything. Surprisingly enough I pounded through my work piles and got everything and then some done at work. Not to mention my workday was joined by the gentle jitters coming from my stomach...hiccups:) Ashton picked me up after 5 and was still working on my car, in between his job. A new battery, battery connectors, alternator, and oil change later and my little baby was running again. My husband is the MAN!!! Really. I don't know how he does it. To top of the good fortune my wonderful neighbor, Jen, brought me a little dinner. Delicious. She keeps me food inspired, always coming up with cool new recipes. After cleaning around the house for a bit, I went to the gym and got my sweat on. So I guess you could say a potentially bad day turned out pretty darn good:) PS I also made my guilt free fav healthy cookies. Just relaxing and hanging with my hubby now.

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Brent and Shanna Farley said...

I'm glad your day got better! I need your guilt free recipe... and we need to hang out! I miss you!

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