Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What I've been up too

I've been having some fun on little crafts...I guess I should have done before and after pictures, sorry. This was a frame that I got at DI for 75 cents. I painted the frame and then painted a quick water color. Took like an hour or so. Was a fun and quick project and hey, only 75 cents...not bad.
I found the candle holder and candle cup holders all at the DI. The Candle holder was I think $1.50...it was an ugly brown and gold plastic color. I painted a couple different blues on it and then watered down a sliver shinny glaze and put that on top. I found the blue candle cups separately they were each 50 cents. It was a fun project and the total cost: $3. Not bad!

Just another picture... who says you can't do crafts for a thrifty price.

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