Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trip to Arizona

Our trip to Arizona was so fun....no it was fabulous. The weather was perfect, and it was so fun to be with my sister and her family. Playing outside in the evening, going to the drive-in for a double feature, a day at the Zoo, visit to the Ghost Town, hiking to a cool waterfall and hieroglyphics, shopping, a date night with Sushi and New Moon, and just being together. The week was heavenly, and now I miss my sister and her family and the warm Arizona sun. Do you like my prego belly showing?Pretty sure this Chickadee is heavenly... little angel.Beautiful Sunset
Me, Cori, and Hannah coming back from our hike.
I felt lucky to be on that hike.
Cori, Carter, Hannah, and Ashton.

Ashton and I at the waterfall...having trouble with a picture.

Almost got it. In the background, Craig, Carter, and Hannah.
The Arizona Temple.
At the Ghost town, Me, Ash, Carter.
Love you guys...miss you more than you could imagine.

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