Friday, February 12, 2010

So my life is not perfect...And that is wonderful

So I have been thinking about my life a lot today. It, my life, is anything but perfect and why you ask? Because it is full of people and people as you know are not perfect and engage in human error all of the time, I am certainly not exempt from this. The amazing thing is, it is flaw is what makes my life so great. It is what makes each person stand apart from the rest, it is what makes us want to be better, it is what makes us fall in love with each other. My life is anything but perfect but it is, without a doubt, full of perfect imperfections:)

Sending this out to all I know and love. Thanks for being apart of my life and therefore part of who I am.



Amanda Lynn said...

Meghan you have always been one of the most inspiring people I know. In high school I always looked up to you because you were beautiful and brave and strong and no one ever got you down. Thank you for this, this is just what I needed to hear today!

Forever Young said...

Amanda, you are the sun on a dark and rainy day. That is how I will always see you!!! Thanks for being a beautiful person inside and out.

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