Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Grateful Post

Well, I have been under the weather again this last little while and what does Ashton do?

  • Helps me get up, because he knows it will make me feel better.

  • Messages the tight knots out of my back, so I can relax.

  • Teases with me, because he knows it will make me laugh.

  • Does all of the laundry, so we can start off the week with all of our clean cloths.

  • Picks up the house with me, because he knows how much I like my house clean.

  • And then when I lay down to rest for a minute he runs outside and starts working the endless job that is my car.
I love you huny. Thanks


Emily said...

What a sweet husband!!
I hope you start feeling better soon though. That's no fun.

Amanda Lynn said...

What a wonderful husband you have! I am so glad you are so happy! I think of you often!

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