Sunday, December 27, 2009

A couple things I've been up to

A couple things I have been up to:)
My parents Christmas Party--after presents. Jeff and Patty
Dad and Matt

Tarah Duvlan and Me
Mom and me
Nick, Me, Matt (we asked Matt to smile..he he)
Tarah and Me
Tashi, Me, and Reece
Me and AshtonHeather and Me
Just wanted to show you my little Christmas Tree this year...I am so proud of it.
Do you like the color scheme I picked?
I did this one for mom and dad...I also fixed up this really cool old frame...Looks perfect with the painting.
This is back from November...We went to see New Moon.
We also went with Mom, Tashi, and a couple other cool gals.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas...I know I did.
The End.


Heather said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas! I still can't get over how incredibly talented you are! That painting is so amazing.

Nora Lee said...

Great pics Meg. I am glad you captured Christmas. Thanks! AND I LOVE THE PAINTING. It is hanging in my room.

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