Friday, September 11, 2009

SLACKER...As my brother would say

Go on ahead and say it…I am a slacker. It has been almost an entire month since my last post. I think I was trying to suck up every last bit of summer before Ashton had to go back. It’s weird; even though he is done (with his bachelors) it really doesn’t feel like it. We decided to ix nay taking a break before he went back for his masters, so here we are again playing the game known as school. Although I am very grateful for all of the opportunities that have come our way, for my smart and hard working husband, and everything else that has gotten us to this point I am kind of feeling really ready to be done(him to be don) with school. Two more years, possibly only one and a half, I know it will go by fast.

So August has been a very active and fun month. A couple family reunions, my birthday, four wheeling, and spending the last precious moments of summer with my wonderful husband and family. Right now I am trying to stay up late so I can kiss my handsome man goodbye. He will be leaving at 2:15ish AM to go on day trip to scout for dear with his friend from school, and me originally being a Meaker have a really hard time leaving or letting someone leave without saying goodbye (this usually consists of three to four hugs, and five to six kisses… think that’s a little excessive?). I think I might be a tad bit OCD. Any who, well I guess you could say my man is pretty excited about this little adventure. If you could see him now, he is plopped on the couch trying to sleep, without much success, in all of his camo-hiking gear. Only one more hour to go.

That’s all for now


Giles Fam said...

Sky and Ashton should be hunting buddies. He went up early this morning to scout for deer, too! :)

Robert said...

Two posts in as many months? C'mon, you are truly slacking--and I am missing my mild vaicarious fun of perusing your blog very few days. Its' cold already, so please start posting.


P.S. Only meant in a humour vein--not in a pain in the posterior sense.

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