Friday, April 10, 2009

Smarter than you think

So earlier this week I get a call from my brother Matt. It was not unexcpected because he calls me everyday to talk. It's a phone call that I never miss, or at least try NOT to miss. Now all of you who know my brother know that he is an angel...but believe you me he can be a little trickster sometimes... Observe how many times he tries to get out of doing something he doesn't want to"
I answer
"Heay bud, what's up?"
Matt answers with a very sad voice,"I don't know."
I respond with worry, "What's wrong buddy, what happened?"
"Well mom is making me go to Arizona...Meghan I don't live in Arizona, I live here. I have to be home." (Matt hates to go on trips unless it is Disney Land).
I try to reason, "well bud, you are going to go visit Cori and Craig and the babies...don't you want to see them?" (Matt loves Craig/Cori/Babies....but.... his hatred for traveling leaves him a little unsure).
Little pause..... "I don't know..." Another pause so I continue,
"Matty it will be really fun and don't worry, you guys will only be gone a couple of days."
He responds, "Well Meghan, I made a promise... I don't want to cancel on you and Ashton. I tried to tell mom but she just said Oh Matt." (Every Thursday Ashton and I do a date night with Matt-fast food-of course, movie, Office, finish movie, teasing, home).
"Well bud, it's good for you to get out and Craig and Cori really want to see you."
"I wish everyone would stop saying that."
"Saying what?"
"Well just the 'Matt it's good for you to get out." I couldn't help but laugh a little because of how serious Matt was over the situation.
"Buddy it's okay."
With a sad voice again, "Well I just think I miss you and Ashton already."
Knowing that mom wouldn't let him stay home, I continued to advocate for the trip. He was finally okay with it after I told him that we would postpone our date night until next Thursday. I seemed okay after I told him that.

Such a silly boy, sure do love him.

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RachelBarker said...

O MY! So cute. I love matt and a awesome sister you are. :)

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