Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy Birthday my LoVe

We had cake, ice cream, and.... oh yes... Pineapple. Yummy goodness.
Okay...Please tell me that is my husband, Hottie Tottie... Look who I am married to:)

Yesterday was Ashton's birthday...he was just getting over being sick and I was just starting. Regardless it was a wonderful day. I love you so much ashypoo.

PS: Funny Birthday Story. To any of you who know my brother Matt, you know that since birth he has wanted to be a comedian and takes up any opportunity to throw a little humor into any picture. Sometimes Matt will say things he has heard on a movie or out in public and doesn't quite understand it's meaning. This can be interesting some times. So anyways, he really wanted to take Ashton out to dinner for his birthday so we all went to Chilli's. It was great, yummy food, wonderful people, and then Matt gave Ashton his present. Now any of you who have seen the way Ashton and Matt interact you would know that they love, LOVE, love to tease each other. So Matt hands Ashton his card and gift and Ashton reads the outside of the envelope which says something to the effect of how silly Ashton is when he kisses his wife... and then at the bottom "To: ASSIE-POO From: MATT."(Everyone calls Ashton Ashypoo in my family...obviously Matt was a little confused about the spelling). We all start laughing, and Matt not fully understanding why we were laughing added in, "Well that's what you are." It was the icing on the cake.


Arah said...

Matt is so cute! I have yet to meet Ashypoo, but he seems like a pretty awesome guy.
Happy belated Birthday.

Giles Fam said...

:) Cute story!

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