Tuesday, February 17, 2009


After Sushi...Feeling full.
Ashton surprised me with Sushi...and with Tashi and Nick.

Love my sister.
Sleep in
Work out
Sushi (Ashton actually ate it too...this is a big deal he HATE HATE HATES sushi)
Shopping(and taking me shopping isn't an easy thing...just to buy a pare of tennis shoes we went to four stores).
Take out
A cuddle and a Movie
Sweethearts dance(we met up with Tashi and Nick and helped them chaperon the Sweethearts dance at the high school).
Finish our movie
Cuddle up in bed
What a day:) :) :)
I just wanted to take a minute to tell my Valentine how much I love him and to thank him for how wonderful he made my Valentines Day, even if he really doesn't read this often. And...thank you to my dad and my mom, who never once let a Valentines day go by without being sure that I had a Valentine from them.
Love you Ashton and Dad

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Tashina said...

Thanks for coming to the dance with us... it made it much more fun. Oh and what's up with the creepy-man-he looks high-pic of Nick and the open-mouthed I'm not sure what I'm doing pic of me? Oh well... love you sis!

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