Saturday, November 22, 2008


I can't believe how lucky I am. I have the most amazing, beautiful, kind, and loving sisters in the world. They are my best friends. I could call any one of them at any time, any hour, any day, and they would be right there for me, and I would do the same for anyone of them without a moments hesitation. I have always felt like we all came from the same mold and that is why it has never felt like work to be best friends with my sisters. It just comes so easily.

Here is why they are so amazing:

Tashi: She has so much understanding and so much compassion. She loves so deeply, lives so passionately, and no matter what she or anyone else is doing...she'll make it fun. She keeps the family together...kind of like the glue for everyone. I love her so much.

Cori: She is filled with so much conviction, knowledge, and discernment, you can't help but go to her for advice. She can bring clarity to any situation. She is filled with so much life and so much drive. There are no limitations in her world, and if you stay around her long enough you start to believe the same for yourself. I love her so much.

Tarah: What a sweet and gentle soul. The family needs Tarah like fire needs water. What calm and peace you find when you are with Tarah. What creativity and surprise she holds behind her sometimes shy composure. Tarah's laugh is contagious. I love her so much.

Heather: Our little Wild Child. She isn't afraid to do or try anything. She has such an open heart, is filled with so much kindness, a wonderful sense of humor, and an extremely positive outlook on life. She can take any negative situation and find the positive in it. Heather is never ruled by inhibitions. I love her so much.

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