Sunday, October 26, 2008


Saturday, Ashton, myself and our cool neighbors, decided to take a little trip to the only pumpkin farm/patch in Logan (PS Lame that their is only one) to acquire some yummy apple cider and pumpkins of course. By the way, I was looking forward to this all week. We pull up to the place, which looked unusually vacant, and could see some people standing by their car looking at us funny. That should have been our cue, but we get out of the car ready for a fun day. About a minute later this guy comes out of the barn, asking if he could help us. Come to find out the place was already closed, lame:( He said they had sold out of apples and pumpkins. I was pretty bummed, I hate skipping out on important things like this, I guess I need to get more on the ball if I am going to carry out Meaker tradition in my own family.

Any ways, with a craving for a little adventure we hopped in the car to see where the road would take us. We drove past paradise where the pavement turned into dirt and kept going. We ended just before this small dirt road hooks up to the Ogden canyon, I know crazy, and then because of our growling tummies decided to turn around. We had dinner at one of the best Mexican restaurants, La Tormenta (a little restaurant that really makes you feel like you are in Mexico), and then headed over to Sam's Club to stock up on some pumpkins, which was actually quite entertaining. For some reason, whenever I go into Sam's I feel like I am five again and have this strange urge to run around the store, look and see everything, and do cartwheels down the candy isle. Don't ask why, because I couldn't tell you. Any who, after that we headed back to our house, put on Hocus Pocus and started carving. Ashton decided to tackle his pumpkin using, of course, power tools, which cut his carving time in half. Ashton finished his pumpkin first so he got out a bag of frozen strawberries and a couple other things and made everyone VIRGIN strawberry daiquiris, which were AMAZING (I know, my husbands cool). As we gutted our pumpkins, we baked up some seeds for a snack on the side, more yummy goodness. Any who a couple of hours later this is what we have... Me carving
Jammie gutting

Sasha carving
More fun in the kitchen!!!

The Finished Products:
My pumpkin, the Little Mermaid. PS I totally didn't use a stencil, oh yeah!!!

From right to left: Ashton's Pumpkin: Jack from the Nightmare before Christmas, Jammie's Pumpkin: Scary scull and bones, Meghan's Pumpkin: The Little Mermaid, Sasha's Pumpkin: Spooky Ghost.

Another shot of Ashton's Pumpkin, Jack

Another shot of my pumpkin, the Little Mermaid


Brittney said...

wow- way impressed you didn't use a stencil for your pumpkin! Looks great! I love carving pumpkins, we decided to forgo the carving and just decorate since Tai understands that better than sharp objects.

Maran said...

Great job on your pumpkins!! You guys are very talented!

tyler and emily said...

Wow, your pumpkins turned out great!!

GILES FAM said...

How fun! We called you guys the other night to hang out, oh well. we'll have to try it another night. Just as well, I ended up having the stomach flu that night. not fun :(

Oh, and WHERE is that pumpkin patch you were talking about?? I was seriously trying to find one this year

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