Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Tarah

Tarah. Happy Happy Birthday:) We love you so much.

So on Friday, the fam got together and surprised Tarah at Black Stone for a very fun and loud birthday dinner, complete with singing and cake. After filling our bellies to their delight, we decided to head over to the Pumpkin Walk (for all of you not from Logan, it's basically a bunch of different scenes that people set up using pumpkins) to see what this year had to offer, which would, guarantee more laughs from our bunch. It was a really fun evening. I am so lucky that I am so close to my sisters and get to regularly engage in total randomness with them. Love you guys. Okay, whoever knows me understands my obsession with the little mermaid. I made Ashton take this picture for me, and oh yeah he was totally singing the Little Mermaid theme song so everyone could hear. He is such a good sport.
Go go jet Tashi

Just a couple of Disney Princesses

In Honor of this years election:

The coolest guy in Logan, Brent
(PS Sorry if some of these pictures are blurry, I was having issues)
For Indiana Matt:) Love you buddy.
To everyone who loves babies

To Me.

To Dad.

Happy Birthday Tarah. To any of you who know Tarah, know that it is nearly impossible to get a picture of her facing the camera. Love you Tear-bear.

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