Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gotta Love Saturdays

I absolutely love Saturdays. Sleeping in, or waking up early, deciding last min to take a hike up the canyon, the house, playing with your husband all day, working out as long as you want, throwing your hair in a wet bun or taking a couple hours to try something new. Saturdays are just wonderful days, almost as good as Sundays:) Well today was one of those wonderful Saturdays. Ashton and I slept in, and had yummy pancakes and eggs for breakfast. We had decided earlier last week that we would go into our jobs on campus for a couple hours on Saturday so we resentfully got ready and just as we were about to go out the door, Ashton had the idea to take me up the canyon to Porky Pine reservoir to see the jumping Kokanee Salmon. I have always wanted to see the Salmon jump as they make their way up the river to spawn, and Ashton knew that they would be up the canyon today, so we took a detour and headed up the canyon. It was absolutely amazing. I have never seen anything like it. Plus the drive was absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe how lucky I am to live in such a truly beautiful place. After that I went to mom and dad's to help Heather get ready for her dance, she asked me to do her hair, which I was really excited about. I will post pictures of gorgeous pookie next. After that, I hit the gym and ran home to make some dinner for my studying husband. Because his hand surgery falls on the same day as his test, Monday, his teacher told him he had to come in on Sunday(and yeah, right during church) to take the test. Lucky him. A couple tuna fish sandwiches and veggies later we headed up to campus to get a couple hours of work done. After work we headed home and now hear we sit enjoying a little cable and Internet time. I love being with Ashton, even if we are doing totally different things, I just enjoy being around him. Oh yeah, gotta love Saturdays.Kokanee salmon are really pretty fish. Starting with black on their bellies and mouths and then slowly fading to bright bright orange on their sides and backs. In this picture you can see 5, but if you look very very closely their are actually 7. Two more.
Some of the amazing scenery. If you look behind us you can see the shore line of the reservoir in the spring is quite a bit higher than where it is right now.
This picture didn't really turn out how we wanted. The stream, that is a full on river in the spring, was loaded with Salmon. If you enlarge the picture and can see orange spots then you'll know it's the Kokanees.

I love, love, love fall.
It really is my absolute favorite time of year.
I know I'm pretty darn lucky.
More fish.
Ashton saw this little guy making his way up a little mini waterfall(cascading rocks with water flowing over them) and take a wrong turn which put him at a dead end so Ashton hopped over to a rock in the river and picked the little guy up to help him along his way. It was pretty cool.
I'm so glad I have a husband who is just as excited about little things like seeing the Kokanees Salmon jump as I am. Love you hunny, and can't wait to see the rest of the world with you.

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