Monday, June 23, 2008

Life is what YOU make of it

Life is a conglomeration of choices, decide what you want and chose accordingly.
For example:

If you hate being late...get up a little earlier
If you hate losing your temper...then don't
If you hate being left behind...move a little faster
If you hate it when people drive slow in the fast lain...then never drive slow in the fast lane
If you hate feeling sooooo incredible busy all the time...every now and then scratch out the least important tasks from your day
If you don't like your saggy fanny...put on your running/dancing/Pilate's shoes more often
If you don't want to feel unprepared...then pull out your book and study till your brain hurts
If you don't want to forget a fun day with family...bring your camera
If you don't want the boat of life to pass you by...then jump on it, if needs be swim beside it, or build your own boat
If you feel unorganized...get a calendar or a day planner (has totally saved me)
If you feel insecure in front of an audience...make it a point to put yourself in front of one as often as possible
If you feel as though you never have time for yourself...make time for yourself (ps It is possible)
If you feel like you worry too much...then let it go
If you feel bad about something you did or said...then apologize and do whatever you have to to make it right
If you think you feel sorry for yourself too much...start feeling sorry for someone else.
If you think you know everything...sit in on a Differential Equations class
If you think you could do something better than someone else...try to do it
If you think you are losing all of your vocabulary from being out of school too a book every month
If you want to run a marathon but think it's to hard and their is no way you could ever do it anyways
If you want to walk the great wall of up, buy a ticket to china, and walk the wall
If you want a stronger testimony...then read, pray, ponder, and practice
If you want to be more kind...then start think of others first
If you want to be more thoughtful...then leave hand picked flowers at your mothers door, or make your husband/wife their favorite breakfast
If you want to be happy...then smile and be happy


Raquel & Marc said...

Thanks megs. I really needed that this very moment. I miss you guys so much and hope to see you soon! Love you!

Cori said...

Meghan I am dying! I loved it. I laughed, then I almost cried... did you make this up? Love love love you.

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