Monday, June 9, 2008

Everything Princess

It is so amazing to me how much I really love my nieces and nephews. Even though they aren't my babies, I sometimes feel like they are because I love them like they are. I would go anywhere, give up anything, and do whatever I needed to for them without even skipping a beat. This last weeked Hannah came and stayed with me and Ashton. We had so much fun with her... I almost didn't go to work on Monday because I wanted to keep her longer, but considering that Ashton and I are leaving on Saturday to spend a week in Mexico, I figured it wouldn't be the best thing to do. Here are some highlights of our fun weekend.

Just so you know everything was princess with Hannah; princess baths with bubbles, princess hair, princess breakfast, etc. I loved it!

Ashton and I picked her up on Friday night and started by taking her to the river for some fishing. Don't worry Cori, I didn't fish, I was attached to her at the hip. She loved it, and had so much fun. She even got to see a fish being gutted. Don't worry, we didn't force her to see it...she actually wanted to see it. At one point I asked her if she wanted me to pick her up and taker her away, she shook her head, said "no," and took a step closer. Wow I wish I had more of that in me when I was her age. She was so brave and curious and thought it was pretty neat.

I introduced her to cat's tail...she played with it the entire time. We even made some bracelets with them.Hannah wanted to see what her cat's tail felt like wet, so I dipped it in the water for her. She thought it was the coolest thing. Hannah, her wet cat's tail, and me.
Hannah and Uncle Ashton. She was asking him all sorts of questions about fishing, and he was laughing at all of her responses to his questions. At one point she asked about the worms on the end of the hook, and Ashton told her that the worms were food for the fish. Hannah replied, "Oh, so it is a restaurant for the fishies." We spent the next couple of minutes laughing. Ashton was so protective of her at the river. He wouldn't let her get with in four feet of the bank. He loves that little girl.

Every time we got in the car Hannah would ask for the radio to play her "Keep Breeding" song (AKA "Keep Breathing") and when it didn't come on she resulted to calling the radio, a "mean radio." Later that night, when Hannah and I were on our way to the store to get some ingredients to make cookies, the song finally came on. Hannah was so happy that after the song was over she started to call the radio station "nice radio." I was trying so hard to keep myself from laughing. We spent that night watching Cinderella II and making cookies. I have a cool little stool that I use in my kitchen. Hannah loved it and was so excited that it was just her size, so I let her sit on it at the coffee table in the family room as she had her cookies and milk and watched her movie.

Saturday morning I got up before everyone else and decorated the table "princess pretty" and made waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for toppings, eggs, and OJ. I got Hannah and Ashton up and took them down stairs. I wish you all could have seen Hannah's face when she saw the table. I tried to get a picture of it but she turned her head just as the camera snapped. These are some other pictures of breakfast that morning.

PS. I have a little mermaid snow ball, Hannah loved it and carried it with her everywhere, you can see it sitting next to her arm on the table.
Hannah was so excited that I gave her a fancy big girl princess cup with her OJ. She did so well drinking it, and she only spilled once and just a little bit on her tummy. She loved the whipped cream, so I let her have a little extra on her waffles, but don't worry, I checked to make sure I wasn't feeding her straight sugar for breakfast.Yummy...yummy. (PS Sorry about my no-make-up face and bed hair)

After breakfast I came out of the bathroom to get Hannah ready for her princess bubble bath and Ashton was serenading Hannah, she was just soaking it all up. It was so cute, I had to take a picture.

When I asked Hannah, what we should do with her hair today she said that she wanted sleeping beauty hair. All of you know sleeping beauty wears her hair with gorgeous curls that could only be achieved with hot rollers. So Hannah and I both put hot rollers in our hair, and she was so excited to be twins with me.
When I got out the camera to take a picture of her with her hot rollers still in, she ran over to our bench in the computer room, laid down on it, and whipped out a smile.
Here is Hannah with her Sleeping Beauty curls. She loved them.

This is probably my favorite picture of Hannah, look how piercingly blue her eyes are!!! She looks like a little angel.

After we were all ready for the day, Ashton and I took Hannah to the farmers market that they hold every Saturday at the park. Ashton and I bought some 100% natural and organic Honey. Wow it was amazingly yummy, and ps you can totally taste the difference. Uncle Ashton bought Hannah a pretty purple little girl bracelet that she picked out herself, she loves the color purple.
Hannah running on the grass all prettied up:)

Sunday we were at Grandma and Grandpa's house and aunt Tashi hooked up the "Keep Breathing" song to the Bose. I started singing to Hannah, holding a spoon as a microphone. She looked up at me and said, "Aunt Meghan, can I have a microphone too?" I pulled a spoon out of the drawer and we sang to song together. Sorry about the fuzzy pictures, Hannah was too involved singing to pose.
Hannah sing wither her dog.
Hannah would like to dedicate this song to all of the three year olds in the valley...Rock on sistas!!!

Later that night I started singing "Stop and Stair" while helping Hannah with in the bathroom, she looked up at me with big excited eyes and a smile on her face and said..."That's my daddy's song!" We sang the rest of the song together for Craig.

Sunday night we got home from mom and dads and Ashton pulled back to coffee table and we laid down a bunch of blankets and pillows and watched Cars with pop corn and orange juice. In the morning Hannah and Ashton had eggs and toast for breakfast and then we both kissed Ashton goodbye as he left for school. I got the dishes done, gave Hannah a bath, cleaned the rooms up, and when I was braiding her hair into two braids she asked me "Aunt Meghan, which princess has this hair?" I sat for a moment caught off guard and then said "Princess Pocahontas." She crinkled her eyebrows in disbelief and said "no sleeping beauty." I laughed to myself. We spent the rest of the morning feeding the fish and playing on my new digital piano.

It was so fun having Hannah, I have felt a little homesick for her today (if you can't tell), and feel kind of like I lost my little buddy. I guess this means that I will have to do weekends with Hannah more often.


julie said...

this is so sweet. hannah wil always love this. i remember paying with my neices and nephews before i had my own baby. i loved to spoil them rotten. take advantage of being able to do it before you have kids. it seems like time magically disappears once you do. :) and your right, that picture of her is adorable.

tyler & emily said...

Hannah is sooo cute! I love kids at that age. They say the cutest things. You're such a great aunt. It made me really miss my nieces and nephews reading that post.

Arah said...

what a fun Aunt. I am sure she loved every minute of it.

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