Friday, April 4, 2008

Counting Down

Three more weeks of school, and four more weeks until I graduate!!!
That means:
4 more small papers
1 more large paper
1 more final paper
1 more quiz
and that is it...

PS I'm not excited or anything:)


Marc and Stacy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is such an accomplishment! You can do it!!

julie said...

wow! this is quite an accomplishment. someday i hope to go back and finish too.

RachelBarker said...

Way to go!!! You totally deserve this degree with all the time you have put into school. Wish i was right there with ya, maybe soon. :)

Nora Lee said...

I think I am as excited as you. Two of my girls graduating at the same time. One of my life goals is to encourage my children to graduate from college. Yippee! Two down and 3 to go!

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