Friday, February 8, 2008

Don't Walk On The Ice

I had just gotten done with class and was walking to work with a friend. The day before had been just warm enough to get the snow to start melting but not warm enough to dry out the side walks, leaving a nice slippery sheet of ice left over to freeze all night. The sidewalks today were covered with big chunks of ice gently masked by a light layer of snow, which made it virtually impossible to tell if I was walking on sold ground or just ice. We were talking about a project or something, and then quickly moved on to, how cold and slippery it was. I remember saying, "I hope I don't slip," and then all of the sudden I was on the ground with a shooting pain coming from my tail bone and traveling up my spine. I couldn't help the tears from streaming. It's was weird. I wasn't really crying or anything, but water was literally flowing from my eyes. I curled up in a ball, oh I looked so pathetic, with one hand holding my fanny as if that would really help. Never mind the fact that this was in between classes and we were on a high traffic walkway, so pretty much everyone at Utah State saw me. Great, I am going to be the girl that everyone refers to as, "oh you're that girl who fell." I guess it was a pretty bad fall, I didn't gracefully catch myself, or try to land on my knees (you'd be surprised how disabling a back pack can be on a short person). I was just walking and then all of the sudden my legs reached for the sky and I came straight down on my tail bone with my 20 pound back pack and all. Well it is now a week or two later and my fanny hurts so bad that I can't even do Pilates. This of course was driving me crazy, so I decided to try doing Pilates on our bed. Well it was working just fine, surprisingly, then Ashton walked in. You can only imagine the look he had on his face, it was hilarious. However, my spirits were not tarnished by his light teasing, so I continued for a couple of min. until my stomach started to growl.
The moral of the story...Don't walk on the ice!!!


Raquel & Marc said...

I bet Ashton thought you were trying to seduce him with those funny positions... Gosh I miss you. You need to visit soon. I miss listening to you and your funny stories.

Cori said...

Is it me, or do you just have about twice as many of these horridly embarrassing moments than anyone else?

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