Friday, December 28, 2007

Sick on Christmas

So, I thought I had almost made it another Christmas without getting sick. It seems to be thing in my family, someone is always sick on Christmas, usually little Lynners. Christmas eve was great! A big rib dinner with Ashton's side of the family, jokes (mostly directed at me), cute little babies with runny noses, Christmas presents piled high, It's a Wonderful Life playing on the big screen and snow gently falling outside. It was a fun relaxing Christmas.

And then it hit! As we were packing up getting ready to face the canyon a wave of nausea encapsulated my head. All of the sudden, every twist and turn of my belly hurt. We drove through the canyon scared half to death. Well, not Ashton, he was calm, cool and collected as always, while I secretly gripped the sides of my seat so tight I thought my fingers were going to break. When we arrived home and all I could manage to do was plop myself into bed. I was too delirious to try and wash my face and brush my teeth(ya...I know, grows). But I didn't stay there long. Eleven O'clock came and I was out of bed like a flash, clinching my teeth and holding my mouth in hopes I would make it to the bathroom on time. I flipped on the light in the bathroom and just as I walked in, I saw a glimpse of the hallway. Ashton had set up my stocking and a couple of presents. In the midst of wanting to faint and throw up I suddenly had the urge to cry. Man I am an emotional women. Well I made it! I wouldn't be mopping up remainders of dinner Christmas eve.

I repeated this rush from the bed to the bathroom a couple of times until I decided to park it on the bathroom floor for the night. I didn't care at this point. I think I was more afraid of fainting than germs and really too out of it to realize I was sleeping on the bathroom floor.

My body was empty by morning. All of Christmas day... I couldn't eat a thing! I just had to grin and bear it through the nausea. However, the day was still fun, still Christmas, even without the yams. And at least this year I won't have to spend all of January at the gym making up for two days in December.

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